D Major


The D Major components offers audiophiles life-like musical experience with exceptional value.  One major loudspeaker technology breakthrough is the CMF (Compression Molded Paper Fiber), which allows cones to be lighter and extremely rigid.  Thus, enabling the cone body to response to any musical impulses faithfully.  We called it the high speed cone midbass driver.  The cone body is made of paper doped fiber and coated with composite latex making it stronger and tougher for the extreme weather.  Hence, the bandwidth response is unbelievably wide and smooth.  Pay attention to the excellent vocal quality.

In combination with the original state of the art 28mm transparent soft silkdome tweeter using neodymium magnet and kapton voice coil construction.  It offers linear phase characteristic and produces faithful upper harmonics and accurate stereo imaging due to the extended freq. range of up to 25kHz @ -3dB.

6.5" D Major 2-way Components                              *Character: Wide Bandwidth + Bass Extension

The crossover network used to divide the audio bandwidth is specially designed with the following characteristics.  High grade audiophile components are selected for optimal sound reproduction.  Air core inductors with high quality pure copper wire and MET audiophile polypropylene capacitors for crystal clear highs and good transient response.  More importantly, the following advantages can be achieved with such a design:  

> Ultra Linear Phase Response (Minimised Colouration Between Drivers )

> Excellent Transient Response (Crystal Clear fast Clarity Sound)

> Excellent Linear Time Delay (Sound wave uniformly reaches listener)

D Major Technical Specifications

Designed & Engineered In Singapore.

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6.5” CMF Fiber with Bitumen Coating MidBass Driver:

Sensitivity (1W/1m)       : 89dB

Frequency Response      : 38 to 10kHz

Impedance, Znorm        : 4 ohms

DC Resistance, Re         : 3.6 ohms

Voice Coil Diameter      : 25mm

Rated Power (RMS)        : 60W

Magnet Size                  : 90mm (Ferrite)

Drive Range (RMS)        : 50 to 150W

28mm SilkDome Tweeter:


Sensitivity (1W/1m)       : 90dB

Frequency Response     : 1.2k to 25kHz

Impedance, Znorm       : 4 ohms

DC Resistance, Re        : 3.6 ohms

Voice Coil Diameter     : 20mm

Rated Power (RMS)       : 60W

Magnet Size                 : 25mm (Neo)

Drive Range (RMS)        : 20 to 100W