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The Harmony components is our audiophiles series which offers true to life musical experience with exceptional value.  With Harmony, sounds come at you so naturally that it seems as if the musicians or actors are actually there in front of you.  Whether you are in the centre of the space or off to one side, recordings sound uncannily real and utterly convincing.  From a listener’s perspective, the combination of the matched directivity and precise time alignment in all directions gives significantly improved stereo imaging over a wide listening area, the realism of which is enhanced by the even balance of the reverberant energy within the listening space. The combination of Aluminum Alloy dustcap & cone body gives an extremely tough and light weight cone movement, enable us to achieve extremely accurate sound reproduction with ultra low distortion figure.  The distortion is so low compared to any conventional cone materials.  Like all Moving Air products, Harmony is especially designed for accurate sound with effortless drive from the power amplifier.  All materials used on the Harmony are all specially selected to reproduce sound so natural and real.  The magnetic material used are by far of the highest flux density which makes Harmony extremely easy to drive.  The surround material is made with composite latex rubber making it durable and tough for all weather.

Harmony 2 or 3way Components  (Woofer + Fullrange) + Tweeter)

Harmony Technical Specifications

Designed & Engineered In Singapore.

Copyright © 2007 by Moving Air. All rights reserved.

28mm Titanium Golden Dome Tweeter:


Sensitivity (1W/1m)       : 90dB

Frequency Response     : 5k to 25kHz

Impedance, Znorm       : 4 ohms

DC Resistance, Re        : 3.6 ohms

Voice Coil Diameter     : 25mm

Rated Power (RMS)       : 60W

Magnet Size                 : 24mm (Neo)

Drive Range (RMS)        : 20 to 100W

6.8” Aluminum Woofer Driver:

Sensitivity (1W/1m)        : 91dB

Frequency Response      : 30Hz to 5kHz

Impedance, Znorm        : 4 ohms

DC Resistance, Re         : 3.6 ohms

Voice Coil Diameter      : 35mm

Rated Power (RMS)        : 150W

Magnet Size                  : 150mm (Ferrite)

Drive Range (RMS)         : 50 to 200W

3” Ceramic+Paper+Alum Fullrange Driver:

Sensitivity (1W/1m)       : 89dB

Frequency Response      : 120 to 20kHz

Impedance, Znorm        : 4 ohms

DC Resistance, Re         : 3.6 ohms

Voice Coil Diameter      : 25mm

Rated Power (RMS)        : 80W

Magnet Type                : Neodymium

Drive Range (RMS)        : 20 to 100W