NEW TrueBass Subwoofer


The TrueBass Subwoofer features innovative technology and incredible value, delivering powerful low-end bass that integrates seamlessly with any Moving Air Component Systems.  TrueBass is designed to give audiophiles low distortion bass which is extended all the way to 23Hz with exceptional value.  The combination of paper composite with doped bitumen coating gives an extremely damped cone body, enable us to achieve very accurate sound reproduction with low distortion figure & extended bass response.  TrueBass is especially designed for clean sound with effortless drive from the power amplifier.  The unit is made light weight and overly damped which reduces overshoot and resonances.  Like all Moving Air driver, the surround material is made with composite latex rubber making it durable and tough for all weather.  The Best match for great sound quality with Moving Air components.

TrueBass 12” Subwoofer

TrueBass Technical Specifications

Designed & Engineered In Singapore.

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12” Bitumen CMF Composite + Fiber Doped Subwoofer Driver:

Sensitivity (1W/1m)       : 89dB

Frequency Response     : 23 to 500Hz

Impedance, Znorm        : 4 ohms

DC Resistance, Re         : 3.6 ohms

Voice Coil Diameter      : 50mm

Rated Power (RMS)        : 200W

Magnet Size                  : 140mm (Ferrite)

Drive Range (RMS)        : 50 to 200W