Extreme Excursion Subwoofer


Small Woofer No Bass! Think Again.

Moving Air innovative design created the small box, high power subwoofer category for automobile and modern home where space is limited.  Physics tells us that in order to have high-impact, low frequency bass, a large cabinet was required.  However, With the Extreme Excursion e² Subwoofer, music and film enthusiasts could have real bass in a car or bedroom that could never support a large, bulky, old-school subwoofer.

Needless to say, the e² Subwoofer Clarity series is our flagship model.  Incorporating twin drivers concept, it produces huge bass from a box a fraction of the size of its competitors.  When you first see it, you won't believe it's capable of delivering significant bass.  And when you first hear it, you'll search the room to see if someone has sneaked in two of them.  Both drivers in the Moving Air e² Subwoofer are driven by a common electric motor and magnetic structure.  One driver is driven by a voice coil, the other by a defined mass.  Both drivers move inward and outward together.  The two forces are exactly equal and opposite.  The twin drivers contribute equally to the output sound pressure in its chosen operating band.


E² Subwoofer Technology

"Tight & Defined Bass Response"

"Virtually No Distortion When Driven Hard"

Designed & Engineered In Singapore.

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Moving Air e² Subwoofer

Probably  the 1st passive radiator subwoofer system in the car music scene.  Moving Air brings you loads of fine technology found only in high end audiophile systems.  e² technology equates to Extreme Excursion of the cone diaphragm secured in place by high quality wide moulded latex surround material.  Powered by high magnetic density magnets.  Simply, the cone is able to transverse more axial distance than conventional drivers.  Extremely efficient in moving more air!

Innovative Technology – from a tiny cabinet they are able to put out as much bass as an extremely large woofer in a very large cabinet.  The secret behind is the custom large excursion drivers.  Its in and out movement is approximately five times greater than a conventional woofer.  Since it can move back and forth 2inches, it can move lots of air.

Extreme Excursion Vs Classical 15” Drivers

In order to get lots of air displacement we need a very large stroke (long throw) woofer, that is why all Moving Air’s subwoofer designs come with "Extreme Excursion“ trademark.  π(4)² (area of piston) x 2.5" (Extreme excursion of woofer) x 2 (two drivers in a box) = 201 cubic inches.  201 cubic inches of air displacement is about the same as three or four (depending on their excursion) "Classic" 15" drivers operating in a cabinet the size of a small refrigerator.  In practice, it's somewhat less because the excursion damper is set to prevent bottoming.

E² Subwoofer Technology


Moving Air e² Technology complements the passive radiator configuration to give you numerous advantages.   Highly recommended to be used with Moving Air component systems for best musical experience.


+ e² subwoofer drivers minimize unwanted oscillations.

+ Tight controlled bass extension

+ Response is congruent to closed box designs but wins over with superior SPL performance



  1. +Highest SPL against other configurations with same input power

+ Largest volumetric air movement for best staging experience

+ Low distortion in acoustic transduction when driven hard



+ Requires the least box design volume

  1. +Occupies minimal space in car boot

8" e² Cube Subwoofer

Extremely small form factor enclosure design of 250mm x 250mm x 250mm cube.  However its sound pressure level (Bass Loudness) matches design that is MUCH bigger in dimension, like a Classical 10" or 12" sub.  Hear it to believe, the bass response is impressive for such a small baby woofer.  Suitable for small cars and people wants to free up more cargo space, but yet won't want to sacrifice bass extension and power.  Feel the tight and refine bass characteristic of fs e² subwoofer.

10" e² Cube Subwoofer

Again very small form factor enclosure design of 300mm x 300mm x 300mm cube.  The sound pressure level (Bass Loudness) matches design that is MUCH bigger in dimension, like a Classical 12" or 15" sub.  Hear it to believe, the bass response is impressive for such a small woofer enclosure.  Sound performance tested to beat 2 x 10" Bass reflex subwoofer which is double the size this monster.  Space saving and yet deliver monster type bass performance.  Feel the tight and refine bass characteristic of e² subwoofer.  Highly suitable for average size cars, MPV, SUV, panel vans, vans, etc.  Cascade 4 or more of this monster and you're ready for an outdoor concert or SPL Challenge.